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Travelers Rest SC Canine Unit Patch

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Travelers Rest SC Canine Police Unit Patchb: Honor and Service

Celebrate the dedication of the Travelers Rest SC Canine Unit with this special patch. Designed with care, it showcases the bravery of the canine officers in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Made from durable, high-quality materials, this patch is built to last and perfect for uniforms, gear, and bags.

The vibrant design highlights the unique identity of the Canine Unit. Its rugged, waterproof construction ensures it stands up to any condition. Whether you’re in law enforcement, a supporter, or a collector, the Travelers Rest SC Canine Unit Patch is a meaningful addition.

Proudly display this emblem to honor the hard work and commitment of these amazing canine teams. The Travelers Rest SC Canine Unit Patch is more than just a patch; it’s a symbol of service and excellence.


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