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Custom Bullion Wire Handmade Patches

We make premium handmade Bullion badges for military, police, clubs, and organizations. Our skilled artisans ensure top quality and detail using durable materials and combining traditional techniques with modern designs. We offer custom badges to perfectly reflect your group’s identity. Our badges add elegance and authority to uniforms, club gear, and organizational items. Committed to high standards, our badges symbolize identity, achievement, and pride. Contact us today to learn more.

Blazer Badges

Custom blazer badges orienstar Patches
Union AC blazer Badge
Custom bullion wire blazer badges
Royal Air force Blazer Badge
Royal Air force
Bullion wire blazer Badge

Customized Military Shoulder Epaulettes

We are the premier manufacturer of high-quality military uniform epaulettes, ensuring precision and durability for every piece. Our expertly crafted epaulettes are designed to meet the rigorous standards of military excellence.

Handmade Patches made by Customers