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Custom Pvc Patches

Custom PVC patches, crafted from durable PVC material, are your canvas for self-expression. With exceptional clarity and versatility, these patches are perfect for logos, designs, or fine lettering. Whether for branding, team spirit, or personal flair, PVC patches are waterproof and rugged, ready for any adventure or promotion.

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Prices for Customised Pvc and Embroidered Patches 

50 patches for 100£
100 patches for 180£
200 patches for 300£
500 patches for 400£
1000 patches for 700£

Regular patch size 8cm , Velcro available on back 
Shipping Free for UK within 7 days with ( Parcel Force )

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Pvc Patches Made By Customer

Glow in Dark Patches

Upgrade your gear with Glow-in-the-Dark PVC patches. They glow brightly and make your gear look cool, perfect for night missions and adding style.

Glow in Dark Patches

What Is Difference Between 2D And 3D Pvc Patches ?

2D PVC Patches:

  • Flat Design: These patches have a flat, two-dimensional look.
  • Simple Detail: Ideal for basic designs like logos, text, and simple shapes.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally cheaper to produce due to their simplicity.

3D PVC Patches:

  • Enhanced Detail: Suitable for complex and detailed designs.
  • Complex Production: More intricate to produce and usually more expensive.
  • Dimensional Depth: Feature a three-dimensional look with raised and recessed areas for a textured effect.

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Since 2020, Orienstar Patches has been making top-quality patches at low prices. We offer fast, reliable service to ensure you get the best patches quickly. Whether you need durable outdoor patches or detailed uniform patches, choose Orienstar Patches for great quality and value.

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